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Whether you are a savvy safety or environmental professional or an employee who wants to take courses that boost your career, Canadian Safety Institute has a wide range of bespoke customizable safety training to fit your and your company’s needs.

Click on a picture to learn about the details of each course: 

Safety Leadership and Safety course culture
Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Course with Canadian Safety Institute

Safety Leadership Excellence –

Shaping Safety Culture

through Safety Leadership

Incident Investigation and

Root Cause Analysis

Hazard identification and risk assessment course

Hazard Identification and

Risk Assessment

Learn Incident Command System (ICS) and how to manage emergencies and crises

Incident Command System - Emergency Response and

Crisis Management


All training programs may be adapted to a client’s corporate standards, risks, business cases and specific projects.

We can also develop a new course for your company based on your standards and needs.

We can provide all the courses as corporate face-to-face courses or as corporate live webinar courses on dates convenient for you.


Our trainers are highly qualified, world-class experts and practitioners with impressive track records and vast hands-on HSE experience&

  • ​All have worked as HSE managers in major international oil and gas companies around the globe

  • All have extensive experience in HSE training, developing and implementing HSE management systems and standards, developing programs and activities aimed at promoting safety culture, and improving HSE performance.


All our courses can be provided as classroom or live webinar courses. Many courses are also available online.


In our courses, participants are actively involved in the training process through:

  • discussions,

  • group exercises,

  • solving business cases,

  • business games and role playing.

Our methods of training are built on modern methods of andragogy – the science of how adults learn:

  • active training techniques;

  • personality-oriented approach to learning process;

  • all training is based on participants’ life experience, practical skills and abilities. This principle allows learners to actively use their background knowledge as a foundation for acquiring new skills and serves as the key to developing learners’ creative abilities;

  • interaction between learners as well as between learners and their instructor is of crucial importance for our programs. This principle helps to prioritize areas of learning prior to and during a course;

  • the principle of remediating outdated personal experience that stands in the way of mastering new knowledge. 

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